Hold Harmless Disclaimer

  • Metro Detroit Drain will not be held responsible for any damage to the plumbing system or the structure and its contents where work is being performed. Damage can result if snake leaves the pipe or if the snake unintentionally runs in the wrong direction.
  • The work can be a dirty process and although care is taken to minimize mess it is not always unavoidable. There may be drips/splashes/splatters or flooding of dirty material in work areas while working or transporting equipment to the work area.
  • Metro Detroit Drain will not be responsible for equipment that becomes lodged in drainage system during the process of drain cleaning. If equipment becomes lodged in the drainage system the customer is responsible for all costs associated in retrieving equipment and repairing the plumbing/drainage system. Equipment shall be retrieved/returned within 48 hours or the customer will be responsible for the cost to replace the equipment.
  • If equipment is broken/damaged there will be a cost involved to replace any broken/damaged equipment if the customer elects to continue the attempt to resolve the issue.

Why is this document necessary?

Metro Detroit Drain can not be held responsible if roots have grown into your system, something has been flushed down the system or if you have broken/rotted/defective pipe in your system. Furthermore, we can not be held responsible for issues resulting from attempting to clear the system.

The process of drain cleaning may involve the use of high speed spinning steel cable and high pressure water. Use of these methods may cause leakage and it is also possible that the snake may leave the pipe (especially in older/deteriorated pipe) and cause other damage outside of the drainage system.