Drain Cleaning Guarantee

  • Metro Detroit Drain offers 45 day guarantee on single family residential homes.
  • A 30 day guarantee is offered on commercial properties, multi dwelling housing units and manufactured housing/mobile home communities.
  • Augering of toilets – 24 hour warranty (items may easily be dropped into the toilet at any time)
  • The guarantee period entitles customer to ONE repeat snaking of the same drain if has backed up within the specified guarantee period. If the drain backs up more than two times within the guarantee period it is strongly recommended that a video inspection of the pipe be performed or drain line be dug up and repaired.
  • If ANY foreign matter is removed from drain line during a warranty covered repeat drain cleaning the customer will be charged in full for the drain cleaning. Foreign matter includes anything but human waste, toilet tissue and roots. Examples (NOT A COMPLETE LIST) of items NOT covered are disposable wipes, paper toweling, female hygiene products, condoms, fabric such as rags, clothing, etc.
  • Metro Detroit Drain will not guarantee snaking of underground sewer piping (sanitary or storm) unless a full sized cutter is run through the system. A full sized cutter is 1/2” smaller than the designated piping size (3.5” cutter in 4” piping).
  • A sewer that has a trap also known as a “house trap” will not be guaranteed. A trap on a sewer system is created by three ninety degree elbows in quick succession. This configuration does not allow for safely running a full sized cutter and is a risk even when smaller cutters are used, especially when combined with issues further down the pipe (root intrusion, etc.).